My LFX Mentee Experience with Hyperledger Foundation

My LFX Mentee Experience with Hyperledger Foundation

What is LFX Mentorship?

The LFX Mentorship offers a structured remote learning opportunity to aspiring open-source software developers. Experienced open-source project developers and maintainers mentor aspiring individuals and help them become contributors to the open-source community. You can go through the Mentorship Guide to learn more about the program.

Visit the LFX Mentorship website to see the list of projects that are currently accepting applications. You can go through the Mentee Guide to know more about the steps to apply to a project.

My Hyperledger Journey Prior to LFX Mentorship

Driven by a keen interest in Blockchain technology and a desire to apply it to practical projects, I decided to learn more about it. My previous experience as an MLH Fellow at Solana Labs had already exposed me to the field, and my success in blogging competitions had honed my technical writing skills. With these strengths in mind, I set out to find a project that combined Blockchain, technical writing, and research.

Narrowing down my options, I identified three potential projects within the Hyperledger ecosystem. To get a better understanding, I explored the project websites and initiated contact with the mentors associated with each project. Additionally, I joined community calls to connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights into the projects.

You can also visit the Public Meetings Calendar and start joining the meetings to know more about Hyperledger Foundation and eventually start contributing. Being an open-source community, Hyperledger welcomes everyone.

By engaging with mentors and participating in community calls, I aimed not only to apply my skills but also to immerse myself in a collaborative and innovative environment. This journey marked the beginning of my contribution to projects that aligned with my passions and expertise.

From Aspiring to Accepted: My Selection into Hyperledger's LFX Mentorship

Hooray! I successfully earned a spot in Hyperledger's LFX Mentorship Program. I had been accepted into the Documentation Standards project and was fortunate to have Bobbi Muscara as my dedicated mentor throughout this enriching journey.

A Glance at the Orientation Session

The Hyperledger Mentorship Program commenced on June 12th, marking the official beginning of a period brimming with collaboration and innovation. After weeks of dedicated effort in the mentee review process, the anticipation was met with enthusiasm as the program welcomed an eager cohort of motivated mentees and committed mentors.

An essential part of the launch was the program's onboarding and orientation session held on Wednesday, June 14th with participants joining from around the world. The session, led by Hyperledger Foundation staff, encompassed a comprehensive itinerary. The agenda spanned a warm welcome to the Hyperledger family, insights into the Hyperledger Foundation and its projects, tips tailored for newcomers to the open-source world, mentorship expectations, logistics, strategies to enhance visibility, and more. Attending this session was a prerequisite for new mentees, and mentors found it highly valuable too.

The mentors guided the mentees with the initial onboarding materials and project-specific resources.

During the Orientation Session, the Documentation Task Force took the opportunity to deliver a presentation to the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), outlining our goals and objectives. You can access the presentation slides here.

The Documentation Standards Project

My mentorship journey commenced in the role of Chair for the Documentation Task Force, a responsibility guided by my mentor, Bobbi. The significance of comprehensive documentation cannot be understated; it serves as the cornerstone for project success. Not only does it aid developers in understanding and contributing to projects, but it also paves the way for wider community adoption and the triumph of our technologies.

To elevate the standard of documentation across Hyperledger projects, the Documentation Task Force was established, comprising six focused sub-groups:

Each sub-group assumed a specific support role, ensuring a holistic approach. Every sub-group was led by a chair. The experience was a voyage of collective learning and productive teamwork.

I extend my deepest gratitude to Bobbi for her instrumental role in making these three months an incredibly enriching and unforgettable chapter in my journey.

Additionally, you might want to explore the Project Plan page for my mentorship project to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the journey.

I completed a technical writing course offered by Google to better prepare myself for the role.

Fostering Innovation: Establishment of an AI Task Force

During one of our Documentation Task Force meetings, my mentor introduced us to the realm of AI tools. Drawing from her experience with the Mia Learning Group course on the 5-Day AI Challenge, she unveiled the incredible potential of AI-driven workflows and task automation. Witnessing how AI can elevate efficiency while freeing us to tackle more creative and intricate tasks was nothing short of astonishing.

Eager to apply our newfound knowledge, we collectively delved into the world of AI tools, marking a highlight of our mentorship journey. The insights gained didn't solely enrich the program but also proved invaluable in our day-to-day tasks. Sharing our discoveries nurtured a culture of learning within our group, leading us to explore diverse AI tools to enhance efficiency in the Documentation task force. You can have a look at some of our work here:

A remarkable moment arrived when we had the honour of presenting our ideas to Robert Reeves, Vice President at The Linux Foundation. Each of us also gave a demo of our favourite AI tools. This unique opportunity not only broadened our horizons but also earned praise for our AI-driven automation concept. Robert Reeves graciously shared future goals, enriching our understanding and affirming our journey towards harnessing AI's potential.

You can have a look into our presentation slides here.


Strengthening Bonds: Hyperledger Mentee Gathering Before Midterm Evaluation

In anticipation of our midterm evaluation, Min Yu, a program manager at the Linux Foundation, orchestrated a special Hyperledger Mentee Bonding Session on Tuesday, August 22. This event served as an invaluable opportunity for me to connect with fellow mentees across Hyperledger's spectrum. Guiding the session was Akanksha Rani, Chair of the Onboarding subcommittee, with whom I've had the privilege of collaborating over the past three months.

Amidst the virtual gathering, each of us shared our unique journeys with Hyperledger, unveiling cherished insights from our mentorship ventures. An interactive twist emerged as we engaged in a lively quiz, designed to gauge our growing knowledge about Hyperledger. The session unfolded as a dynamic blend of camaraderie and engagement, reminding us all that learning can indeed be both enjoyable and enriching.

Engage with Hyperledger's Vibrant Community

Want to be part of this vibrant community and dive into the world of Blockchain projects? Look no further – just explore our community calendar and join our calls. It's the perfect way to unravel the projects, get involved, and be a part of something incredible. Don't forget to drop by the Hyperledger website for more information. Here are some other links to explore the community:

Your journey awaits!

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